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Since childhood I have been an avid listener to anyone willing to tell me a story, fact or fiction.

As an adult, I have retold the stories to my children and now my grandchildren–LAYER BY LAYER.

When my father was killed in WWII and my 20 year old mother became a widow with a 17 month old, MY story began.

Luckily for me, I had grandparents, great grandparents, and an array of aunts and uncles who were ever so willing to gather me up and take me with them to the mid west or the bayous of Louisiana–more LAYERS.

MY WORK begins by applying texture to the canvas, then paint is layered on and hosed off… YES with a garden hose, multiple times, adding more color, more water, and eventually abstracting images to convey “THE STORY”.

Frequently the image or text is obscured by other layers, BUT, I still know they are there. Hopefully the viewer will also discover some of them.

Just as in a story, things change in the telling, some details come and go and new ones emerge on the canvas.

Having no formal art education, I have gravitated to the NARRATIVE style of painting because that is what I know, STORIES, IN LAYERS.

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