Artist Statement

Artist Statement


End of the Month

Before I began painting, I was a textile artist. So it was a natural progression to treat my canvases as an extension of that art form.

I might work the paint into a fabric-like texture, incorporate pieces of cloth into the painting, or treat the image as if it is fabric by painting stitches into it.

I am always thinking about the story that has inspired the painting.

My first step is to spread heavy gel with a plastic spatula on the surface of the canvas. Immediately that gives me a highly textured base as I begin thinking about what background will carry the story best?

I use 100% acrylic wall paint and apply it in multiple layers. Between some layers of paint that are almost dry, I use Dan McBride’s technique of washing off some of the paint with the garden hose.

Dragging a dry wall tool loaded with several colors of paint across the canvas gives amazing layers as well.

The process is continued and sometimes text, a loose image, or a shape can be added to a layer and then lost in the next.

Many times, unanticipated colors mix between the layers and it becomes a mystery as to what remains and what is hidden in the emerging story. It’s exciting to have a pallet of infinite possibilities to match the range of stories I’ve gathered over my lifetime.